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 Covid-19 rages!


Over 5000 new cases statewide January 14

and 79 in Grant County.  Masking

indoors is now required regardless of

vaccination status. Now if all of the

covidiots would just comply.



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(Grant County Beat)





The weeks ahead:



January 25, 2022,   4 PM

Training for anyone interested in learning more about canvassing and Vote Builders, presented by Kianna Holian, DPNM Organizing Director.  Details soon.




Saturday, February 19th, 10am-3pm

GCDP Pre-Primary Convention.  (Please consider becoming a delegate or nominating someone else.)


March 5th

State Convention, Roswell, NM









“Diversity is our greatest strength and unity is our greatest weapon.” - Tom Perez

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New Stuff!


Congratulations, MAGAts













Redistricting Map





VP Kamala Harris buys an expensive cooking pot. GOP goes nuts, forgetting the tax money spent on trump family's recreation.

Democratic Underground


Mad dog turns on master!

Seems Couy Griffin, Otero County's nutjob Commissioner and Cowboys for tRump founder has turned on his former idol.  Video on Twitter


Rebecca Dow yells at youth group

This was a few months ago.  Appalling behavior for someone who wants to be governor

On ProgressNowNM


A bunch of new additions to our Memes & Toons and Just for Fun galleries. 




Violent anti-fascists pose with a flag they stole from a gathering of right wing demonstrators (Democratic Underground)













































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Primaries are only 6 months away!


Candidate list on our Primaries page.


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Not endorsing violence, but it's the thought that counts