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Core Values


New Mexico Democrats believe that every person matters. All citizens should have an equal voice in how we as a people are governed and call out the disproportionate influence by rich and powerful special interests on our government. We stand for the 99%. We affirm the ties that bind us together as one human family. We envision a New Mexico in which every person is treated with respect and every person has what it takes to live a life of dignity—secure, decent-paying jobs; a just economic system; not-for-profit universal healthcare; high quality public schools; a safe, healthy environment where the unmatched beauty of our land is preserved for future generations. As caring citizens of this state, this country, and this planet, we hold these basic rights to be the natural heritage of all people. As dedicated Democrats, we band together to claim that heritage for every member of our human community, both now and in times to come.


Click here to see the rest  of the DPNM Core Values and platform. (PDF)

Diversity and Unity

Democratic Party of New Mexico

Recently, the Grant County members of the State Central Committee (SCC) voted on Amendments to DPNM Rule and Resolutions proposed changes. Below is a link to the results of the votes on Rules and Resolutions conducted pursuant to the Fall 2020 SCC Meeting.


Several important changes were adopted in the DPNM State Platform and Resolutions Committee (SPARC) including:

support to add the Green Amendment to the NM State Constitution and

moving the state’s Primary Election to a date in February.


The Primary Election change would provide NM recognition during presidential and midterm elections. Hopefully, our legislators will pass this legislation.


Your GCDP SCC members:

Matthew Runnels

Frances Gonzales

Glenn Griffin

Ann Lowe

Rick Lass

Guadalupe Cano

Siah Correa Hemphill


Link here to the Summary of SCC Votes (PDF)