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This site is your source for party information, discussion, and participation.  Bookmark it and visit regularly for notices of meetings and events, news links, and more.  Check the calendar for future events.

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We can't bury ourselves in politics all the time; we'd go totally nuts!  So here's a page of fun stuff, strictly NON-POLITICAL.  Join in and submit links, stories, or pictures; critters, scenery, gardens, funny memes, thought provokers, whatever.  Simple rules: nothing mean or nasty, no F-bombs.  We would like to thank the creators and original posters of these items.  If there is any infringement, we apologize and will remove the item upon notification. Right now we're a little long on cat pics, so send us your favorites to lend a little balance to this collection.
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“Diversity is our greatest strength and unity is our greatest weapon.” - Tom Perez

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