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New Mexico House districts (Gerry Who?)

Biden Wins!!!


Joe Biden & Kamala Harris win Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes by a 34,458 vote margin, and Nevada's 6 votes by 2%, making the current count 290 to 214, with  a .2% lead for Georgia's 20 votes!


Georgia's regular count appears to be complete but 8,400 unreturned overseas/military and 14,200 provisional remain outstanding.



Although Democrats did well statewide, we had some disappointments locally.  In the State House, we've lost the excellent representation of Rudy Martinez and we're still stuck with Dow, thanks in part to our gerrymandered districts.  In the US House, Xoch will be replaced by Herrell. (Platform: pro-life, pro-God, pro-trump, pro-gun) Add to that pro-oil, pro wall, and we have a female clone of steve pearce.




On the positive side, Ben Ray Lujan will be our new US Senator, For US House, Districts 1 and 3 will be represented by Democrats.  And Siah Correa Hemphill will be our State Senator!  Judge positions statewide went nearly 100% to Democrats.

Follow the links below for complete results from the Secretary of State.


Grant County Results
Statewide Results