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This site is your source for party information, discussion, and participation.  Bookmark it and visit regularly for notices of meetings and events, news links, and more.  Check the calendar for future events.


Masks are not required except in schools and at mass gatherings.


Covid-19 update

Daily new cases have dropped to a few hundred, from a peak of over 7000.  Masking indoors is not required regardless of

vaccination status. Use your own good judgement.



But Covid is still out there, SO consider this suggestion:

Wear the mask when you are indoors among others.

Wear the mask outdoors in crowded situations.

Wear the mask correctly - Covid can be dispersed and absorbed through nasal passages.  See Nurse Kitty below.



Grant County Corona Virus Update

Information and resources for families, business, and non-profits.




“Diversity is our greatest strength and unity is our greatest weapon.” - Tom Perez

The Grant County Democratic Party wishes to thank our members for their generous donations.  These donations will go a long way toward Getting Out the Vote and supporting Democratic candidates accross the board.

Donate here via PayPal or ActBlue.


Covid Vaccine and Boosters are here!


All New Mexicans over age 12 are now eligible for the Covid-19 Vaccine!  Visit the New Mexico Department of Health information site and register now to be notified of vaccination events.  Regardless of where you get you get your vaccine, your out-of-pocket shouild be ZERO.


Boosters are available now - follow the NMDOH link above.


Get your booster, mask indoors, and VOTE!


Order FREE home test kits here.